3 Great Places to Take Your Dog For a Walk

For a happy, healthy dog, it’s important you feed them the right food, such as the ones mentioned in this article Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods revealed by Dr. Alice and take them on a walk that will provide adequate exercise for them. Dogs get super excited when they realise they’re going for a walk, and even though a few laps around the block will probably satisfy their need for adventure, why not look further afield. Dogs can walk anywhere (nearly anywhere) we can, so it makes sense to bring your best buddy along with you next time you head out for the hills. He’ll be happy, and you’ll have some great company. They deserve to explore new places just as much as you.




  • Dog Park. While your companion may love you like nobody else can, they still love to play with others of their own kind. Being pack animals by nature, it’s good for their psychological well being to be involved with other dogs. You’ll see all the different breeds running around with each other, woofing and barking at one another and generally fooling around. A dog is truly never happier when they’re with other dogs. The dog parks are great for dogs, but believe it or not, us humans also get to interact with each other. Meeting other dog owners is great, you already know that you’ve got a shared interest and dogs are a great excuse to start up a conversation.
  • The Beach. My favourite place to walk my good boy is the beach at sunset. Check your local laws before hitting the sand though, as some beaches only permit dogs at certain times of the year. I advise heading there early in the morning, or just as the sun is setting. The peace of those times of day is really tranquil, hearing the waves gently lap on the shore as the sun reflects softly on the water. Your dog will enjoy chasing the waves and exploring the random debris washing up on the beach. Just make sure you bring a poop bag!
  • Into the woods. Going on a walk with no real destination? Dogs are great travel companions as their superior sense of smell and hearing can warn of any unseen dangers such as bears, wolves or big cats. As well as that, they can provide somebody to talk too on a long trip, even though you can’t understand them, we can be sure that they understand us.