Many books have been written about pest control. It is a common problem in many households. Here are some recommended books that you can read to improve your knowledge about pests and how to control them.

Least Toxic Home Pest Control

– by Dan Stein

This book provides you some solutions for some common pest problems using less harmful chemicals. It provides a practical guidance on pest control and how to go about it in an environmentally friendly way.

Common Household Pests: Homeowner’s Guide to Detection and Control

-by Phillip Hadlington

This book focuses on eradicating termites and borers. You will learn how to detect their presence and steps to control them. You will learn about both non-chemical and chemical approaches to pest control.

Outwitting Mice: 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Mice and Other Rodents from Invading

Your Home

– By Bill Adler Jr., Bill Adler

If you have experience with mice invading your home, you know how horrible it can be. You will find their droppings in the kitchen. It can be tough to get rid mice. This book provides step-by-step guidance to eradicate mice from your home. You will learn about rodent-boure diseases as well and ways to protect your family from these diseases.

Bug Off!

– by Jerry Baker

In this book, you will learn how to fight more than 101 various kinds of bugs that are invading your lawns and gardens. You will learn how to get rid of them using products that are commonly available in your kitchen.

These books have great reviews and are very good for learning about pests. You will gain lots of knowledge on how to get rid of pests from your home.